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with a high of 83 enjoy this one. michael? >>> okay, howard, thank you sir. friday, october 5th. dan's last day. here's a check of the news before you go. presidential campaign trail across virginia today. president obama will be at george mason university this morning. mitt romney will be in abingdon, virginia. the polls show the race is a close one right now. >>> one person jumped from a burning building last night and was seriously hurt. three others hospitalized after this fire it was along hay street near first street northwest. >>> the baltimore orioles are ready for their first playoff appearance in 15 years. they will take on the texas rangers tonight in the a. l. wild card game. the nationals will play the winner of the nl wild card game on sunday. >>> time right now is 6:53. and we're going to answer the question of the morning -- >> and the answer is a., class ring and a million years i thought it was going to be overalls or the team jersey. >> your overalls are safe mike hydeck. go ahead and let that flag fly. >>> one more check of traffic and weather right after this. >>> one m
. >> the trouper that he is, justin bieber went on to finish the nearly two-hour concert. dan? >> and we admire your ability to do such a smooth newscast when you have all that high-priced caffeine coursing through your veins. >> it's pretty good. >>> t-minus three days to what could be a pivotal point in the race for president. both president obama and mitt romney have both stopped campaigning this weekend. cramming their facts and honing their one-liners. it's your voice, your vote, with just 37 days left until the election. abc's david kerley is with us here at the desk. good to see you. >> nice to be here. dan, this is a big debate. this is part performance, part policy. the stakes are always high. but for mitt romney, some are saying it's make or break. and for the president, leading in the polls, it's about not letting his challenger back in the race. president obama is in nevada this morning where he'll spend the next three days in debate camp. reportedly at this posh resort in henderson. and he heads into the debate with the latest gallup tracking poll still showing president obama hold
dan cita a las afueras del auditorio magna, en este recinto educativo los camiones de satelite, antenas, luces, cÁmaras y equipos de produciÓn se encuentran aqui Í desde hace dias en anticipacion del gran evento.... adentro del auditorio, todo esta listo para recibir a invitados especiales, diganatarios, alumnos y medios de prensa... entre las actividades previas al debate, hoy tuvo lugar un foro de discusion acerca del escenario politico en colorado, un estado crucial para estas elecciones... panelistas que incluian a profesores expertos en temas de sociologia y leyes estuvieron acompaÑados de li Íderes de ambos partidos en el estado.... take sot ryan call - presidente partido republicano"fue una buena conven sobre algunos asuntos y cosas que son bastante importantes para los votantes aqui en colorado pero tambien la nacion." temas como economia, la creacion de nuevos empleos y por supuesto tambien el tema de inmigracion, ocuparon la agenda... este Último, a raiz de las recientes declaraciones del ex gobernador de massachusetts de respetar la accion diferida de la admini
was in their bag. >>> dan hellie at the park now with a look at what's coming up in sports. we can guess what that might be, dan. >> vance and doreen, it is monday. the cooley report is on the spot. we'll be talking nationals as they try to lock up the division title. and of course, redskins. >> we'll break down rg-iii, and then the game-winning field goal. >> of course, billy cundiff, as >>> take a look, there's nats park behind me. we're ready to play some ball. the forecast looking good. so the weather, i don't think at all is going to be getting in the way. we're expecting scattered showers, mainly light showers from now up until about 9:00, maybe 10:00 p.m. we'll start to see pockets of more widespread rain moving in around that time of 9:00, 10:00 p.m. the rain continues on. for tomorrow morning, take a look behind me. there will be areas of moderate and heavy rain as indicated by the areas shaded in yellow and orange here. so very sloppy, i think, for part of our early-morning rush. we'll have some more rain showers around tomorrow afternoon. that rain finally starts winding down by th
. on that stinking call. >>> anyway, dan hellie is at nats park. we've got something really good to talk about down there. >> yeah, this is fun. we're getting ready to go rg3, we'll talk football as well. spreading the praise around. and here at nationals park, we're obviously talking about the big win. but there's another big win, teddy, like you have never seen him before. finally, does he get it >>> clouds in the morning and now here are clouds in the evening. mostly cloudy, mild, but it is humid outside. so not exactly a comfortable evening for us. from the low 70s north to the upper 70s, even hanging on at 81 degrees right now. manassas and around warrenton. so, your future weather, yeah, more cloud cover for the overnight period. and even some fog coming back into the area. expect the fog to develop after midnight this time. not quite so early. showers coming through about 7:00 and noontime tomorrow. we'll get a little sunshine. temperaturewise, we'll rise from the low and upper 60s across the area to about 80 to 81 degrees. tomorrow will feel temperaturewise like today. but it will be a litt
. >>> coming up in sports, a history-making day at the park. dan hellie is live with a very special guest. >>> he's still soaking in that victory lap. it's the moment fans have been waiting for for years now. >> yes, indeed, down at nats park today, the curse was broken. teddy won the presidents race. you'll remember this day for the rest of your life, dan hellie. >> it's unbelievable. you're tossing to me about teddy, the nationals won their 98th game of the year. they have secured home field advantage. and yes, teddy finally won. let's get things started with the highlights of the game. i think that's apropos. ryan zimmerman, the first batter after teddy's big win. he's going yard. 25th home run of the year. that ties the game at 1. bottom eight now. it's a 3-1 game. fans with a giant michael morris head. morris, an aha moment. blasts one to center. 18th home run of the year. puts the nationals up 5-1. and that's your final. the nationals finish with a 98-64 record. they will be the top seed in the national league, and will play on sunday. it will either be the cardinals or the atlanta "thhre you go again.." and lloyd beensen'' swipe at ffllow senator dan quaale in 1998..."senator, i served with jack kknnedy, i knew jaak kennedy, jack kennedy was a frienn of minn. senator, you're no jack kennedy. and then there are the moments ttat seemed to say more ... like president george h-w bush debate with bill clinton...992 3 texaa govvenoo rick perry's "ooos" remark..."rick, i tell you what ..."romney's high- dollar ager..."10-thousand dollar bet?"and obama's comment to then rival hillary clinton in 2008..."you''e likable enough, ttugh competing goals. to be - likeable anddto lay out a contrast. ittssharddto be likeable when you're the attack dog.""we've gotten to know barack obama. we've seem im as presidenttfour eers. there'ssnot a lot of room left romney, he'ssstill got aamittt - canvas. he can still show us whoohe issand where he'd lead us." "the president spends the first part of the week ii the battleggound state of nevada whereehe'll be doing debate prep with massachusetts senator john kerry, who's romney will be in cooorado, r he'll be practicin
>> this is a wbal editorial with manager dan joerres. >> in just a week, 27,000 runners from around the world will hit the streets of baltimore for the 12th annual running festival. since 2001, the race has blossomed to a full morning that features something for everyone. from avid runners to the half- marathoners and the kids fun run, the festival highlights the best of our city and powers tourism in our town. there will be runners from every state in the united states in 24 countries. last year's champion will return to defend his title. the race is expected to generate more than $30 million in economic impact to the city. and an additional $1 million for charity. wbal-tv is proud to be the official television station of the event and will provide exclusive coverage. for more information, log
what they're asking goes too far. >>> dan hellie and chriscooley break down yesterday's dramatic win by the redskins. >> that was a white-knuckle moment. >>> tonight at 6:00, we'll tell you about a scare in the air when some travelers' seats became unbolted during their flight. and that's just the beginning of the troubles for >>> they pulled it out in dramatic fashion. >> i mean, our hearts were in our throats. in those last few seconds. dan's out there with chris to look at those -- that was an incredibly high drama game. >> guys, this is just unbelievable. because the redskins really took this game by the throat. they took an 18-point lead and then they blow the lead and have to rely on a kicker who hasn't hit a kick the entire game to come back and win this for them. joined by chris cooley, former pro bowler tight end for the redskins. i know you hate the phrase as a player, must-win. but if there's anything as a must-win game in september, i, for one, felt like this was it. what does this do to galvanize a team? >> it's a huge sigh of relief for this franchise. they had to have
minutes, we'll have a complete look at the redskins thrilling win over the bucs. dan hellie covered the game from tampa and has highlights and reaction from the big win. that's coming up at 5:00. >> that dan hellie racks up the frequent flier miles, doesn't he? >> he gets to eat at a bunch of fun places. always tweeting the pictures. >>> up ahead, the exciting win the brits pulled off against the u.s. across the pond. e. the middle class, who move our country forward. work hard. raise families. and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class. raising taxes on the average family by up to $2000 dollars. while giving a tax break of $250,000 dollars to multi-millionaires. doesn't mitt romney understand, we can't rebuild tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >>> feeling really fall-like overnight. >> 53 degrees in our studios as we look out over the nation's capital. tom kierein with weather and traffic on the ones. >>> around the area, patchy dense fog in the rural areas. wa
de importancia en la comunidad latina y por eso esta dando respuestas que nos dan 1 poquito de claridad de lo que esta pasando, pero definitivamente no suficiente seguridad para poder confiar en alguien que ha dicho todo este tiempo que no va a apoyar el dream act." organizaciones hispanas creen que es positivo que romney finalmente haya respondido. clarissa martinez, consejo nacional de la raza. es 1 paso positivo, porque hasta este momento era 1 pregunta bien clara y bien definida que se habia rehusado a responder." oponentes al dream act declaran que romney esta en 1 posicion dificil si llega a heredar la accion diferida de la administracion obama. standup: fernando pizarro, washington d.c. el candidato republicano volvio a afirmar que trabajaria con el congreso para lograr 1 solucion permanente al tema migratorio en su primer ano si es electo presidente. desde washington, fernando pizarro, univision le recordamos que solo quedan 35 dias para las elecciones y usted tiene que hacer contar su voto.. si aun tiene dudas sobre este proceso electoral, llame de forma gratuita al 1-
-0 heading into the eighth. >>> so dan helly is in st. louis and he will have a full report after sunday night football. meantime the o's and yankees are about to get under way. we have crews in baltimore covering the first playoff game in the last 15 years. can you believe it? it's been a long time for them. a lot going on, but for redskins fans coming up later in sports, we're going to have a full update on rg3's condition. for now back to you guys. >> carol, thanks. our team coverage continues this evening in northwest washington where darcy spencer's live at duffy's irish pubs where the fans have been watching all the different games on the different television sets. >> reporter: there are some serious nats fans here at this sports bar. we're talking a couple in here actually got engaged at the stadium earlier this year. it's true, the nats are done, but they're not out, and these fans are optimistic. duffy's irish pub is a local fan favorite to watch the opening game of the washington nationals journey into the postseason. >> very good for business and just fun to hang out. it's bee
a touch of summer heading our way. >> sounds good, thank you, sir. does dan schneider want that big casino at the national harbor? you can bet on it. they come out in support of question 7 on the november ballot in maryland. if passed, question seven would green light a new casino and okay vegas style table games in maryland's slot parlors. the redskins say as a member of the business community, the team is obligated to speak out in support of major economic development. >>> seven people arrested tonight after a deadly collision. 38 people died monday night in what is being called ho kong's deadliest accident in more than 15 years. despite the arts, investigators aren't sure how the boats ran into each other on a clear night and on one of the safest waterways. >> investigators in oregon trying to figure out how a farmer was eaten by his own hogs. this is gross. a family member found the 69- year-old dentures and parts of his body in the pen. some of those pigs, keep in mind, weigh more than 700 pounds. so far, detectives aren't sure whether this was some sort of horrible accident o
with a last second win. dan hellie was the reaction to this wild win. >> reporter: if there's such a thing as a tipping point to this wild season, this could have been the game for the redskins. they improve to 2-2 after a huge come from behindin over the buccaneers. it's the first time the redskins have come back to win a game in the final minute since 1999, and now they improve to .500 after a quarter of the way through the season instead of resting at 1-3. all the players know how big this victory was. >> it's huge. it means a happy plane ride back. it means a great week of practice. guys will be feeling good. we're 2-2. we're at .500 through the first quarter of the season. going back 1-3 is not a great feeling. >> just momentum-wise it's getting us to continue to stay positive going through the rest of the season. it's hard to give it your all, go out and bust your butt each and every day when you're losing. of course, you want to do good, but when you're losing, it definitely makes it tough. being 2-2 definitely changes things around. >> big sigh of relief. it would have been really
debate. our white house correspondent dan lothian is in cleveland traveling with the president. saw a very different president once again today as opposed to the debate, dan. >> reporter: we really did. not only here in ohio where the president spoke during a heavy downpour, but on an earlier stop as well in virginia. the campaign says this is a deliberate attempt to counter some of what they believe were false claims made during the debate. this is the president that most people agree didn't show up on debate night. animated, forceful and taking shots at his gop opponent. >> governor romney said he'd get rid of planned parenthood funding. apparently this along with bid bird is driving the deficits. >> reporter: campaign rallies and presidential debates are two completely different events. but the contrast in body language and policy sales pitch is hard to overlook. zingers are back. >> now, my opponent has been trying to do a two-step and reposition and got an extreme makeover. governor romney was fact checked by his own campaign. >> reporter: and so is talk about governor romney's
schriffen, abc news, new york. >>> let's get more from "gma's" legal analyst dan abrams. >> when are people going to realize hitmen don't exist, right? it's always going to a friend going to another friend, and the friend ends up getting caught. and we also see defenses which is i never actually planned to do it. i was never actually going to go forward with this. it was just idle talk. and i think what they're going to say here, they're going to say he was entrapped. >> that's what i was going to ask you, it seems like the friend was trying to get in touch with him. >> look, if they can get that tape excluded from evidence. there's going to be very little that the authorities have. they need that tape in evidence. and they're going to say, look, i was never going to go forward with this and this guy starts giving me ideas, why don't you do this or do that. >> how common are these incidences in hostile in cases >> they're not. i don't think they're that relevant here you're talking about a misdemeanor case in 1995. you're talking about an allegation with regard to his conduct at school in 2
a specialized unit in the police department. the results will be out within one hour. dan miller, wbal-tv 11 news. -- jayne miller. >> they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound last night. someone pulled up next to them and shot them. the unidentified man was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. they do not believe the shooting was random. the other shooting was on quantico ave. they found an adult male had been shot. the victim has been identified. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. police are calling his death a homicide. no word on a suspect or motive. anyone with information is asked to call homicide detectives. police are investigating the adduction the two women from bus stops. once she was sexually assaulted and the other say she was forced to perform a sex act. we're live in towns and with more on that story. >> baltimore county police arrested two men in those bus stop productions. both of them had charges pending. his 17-year-old girl was abducted yesterday in the west view area around 12:40 monday afternoon. just after she got off the transit bus
postseason playoff game at cam dan yards. but with the loss to the rays and oakland winning over the texas rangers, so much stuff going on here megan. the o's now go on the road. hellickson kept baltimore at bay all night and evan longoria, a big night, three home runs and three rbis on the way to the 4-1 win. baltimore by that loss, now travels to arlington, texas for the one game a. l. wild card playoff friday night. it's not where they wanted to be, they wanted forhere with you at camden yards. but when you consider how far the team has come in a short time. you just tip your cap and get ready for some more postseason baseball. >> i told our guys how proud i am just to be associated with this bunch. they're a baseball playing bunch of guys that you know they'll let it rip in texas. >> i wish we could play at home every game. but i think we're in a good place right now. we know what we need to do. you know we have to go out and get after it. and i think we're excited. >> friday night's one game playoff with the rangers will be in arlington. a team the orioles were 2-5 against in the regu
gambling in maryland. >> the team owner dan snyder on fans to vote for question 7 on the november allow cable games at casinos and to authorize a new casino possibly the national harbor in prince george's county. the team says it will create improve funding for schools. t fans have mixed reactions. for him to ask all his fans what heteam to endorse s unprecedented. >> it creates jobs. people need jobs right now in this area. it's a good thing. >> opponents say casino owners not students or the unemployed will be the beneficiaries of expanded gambling. baltimorer of the taking a stand against the referendum that would sex marriage in maryland. matt birk is expected to appear in a video opposing a lot. of hismes after one ayanbadejo,randon in a commercial supporting same-sex marriage. >> taking a look at news of philadelphia police an internal investigation into an officer video punching a woman in the face. this incident happened during rican day festivities. the woman was arrested and charged with disorderly. disorderly the officer has been placed on leadesk duty. outt should be meted w
. >> this is a wbal-tv 11 editorial with president and general manager dan joerres. >> it's time to lace up the running shoes and grab your bib number. in just a week, 27,000 runners from around the world will hit the streets of baltimore for the 12th annual under armour baltimore running festival. since its inception in 2001, the race has blossomed to a full morning that features something for everyone. from avid runners who log 26.2 miles to the half marathoners, 5-k runners and the kids fun run, the festival showcases the best of our city. it offers elite and rookie runners a challenging course, and powers tourism in our town. the international field will include runners from 24 countries and every state in the u.s. last year's men's champion will return to defend his title and take home the $25,000 prize. the race is expected to generate more than $30 million in economic impact for the city and an additional $1 million for charity. wbal-tv is proud to be the official television station of the festival and will again provide live, exclusive coverage. for more ever mission, log onto for m
. okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at ctibank. >> this is ike leggett, county executive, in silver spring, saying washington., >> good morning, washington. foggyacqui jeras on this monday. it's not in the district but in the outlying areas. effect fog advisory in extreme northern virginia and western maryland. will be down 2 1/4 less, so be aware of that in hagerstown towards winchester. be until 10:00 this morning. temperatures, 43 in martinsburg, 47 at dulles airport, 48 in manassas. today's forecast, looking for. for there will be a few showers late. the later in the day, the chance.the 68-73 degrees. showers more likely tomorrow. they will linger into wednesday morning. temperatures will be heating up a little. 81 on wednesday before the cooldown begins. let's check on traffic with angela. >> we are seeing reduced some viewersfor this monday morning. still moving quite well especially on the key ro
peanut butter recall to night at 6:30 p.m. hello, dan. great to see you. this is a really big week in the presidential election. the first debate is almost here. >> clock ticking and the candidates will meet face to face finally on one stage. how are they preparing for a knockout punch? we reveal secrets from behind the scenes of their campaigns today. >> another big story you are following, it goes into school lunches all over the country and tonight there are new concerns about peanut butter. >> that's right. we're going to tell everyone what we have learned today about this giant recall of peanut butter brands. we're also going to go through the symptoms you want to watch out for in your children. >> on a much lighter note, i know you are watching the nationals right along with us. >> we are. everybody is excited. >> thank you. we will see you later. she is a big national stand. you can watch world news with diane sawyer right after our news at 6:00. let's check in on traffic. >> not much of the delay on i-95 southbound. there are delays heading towards the fairfax parkway. also
for the content of this advertising. okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standa at citibank. >>> here's "the play of the day." >> right now, here's "the play of the day," elizabeth vargas. >> it's tuesday. >> let's say you go outside, in the backyard. let's say you see that out in the backyard. >> holy cow. >> that's a big, black bear. dropping by, a woman's house, uninvited. you think this would send everybody running. you would be wrong. listen. >> let me go in your office. he might come after me. >> get down, right now. no. no. down. back. >> she told him. >> now, you should know in the control room, loved this one. i can't imagine why. >> cranky bears. >> this is what the bear hears. if the bear was listening. >> i am totally, like, missing that one. >> we'll explain it in the break. >>> we have stephen colbert standing by. speaking of, stephen? >> hello. >> are you ready for the big entrance? >> bring it. >> you needed
the moderator. >> dan said he appreciated that it was an intelligent conversation and he writes, i think romney did better than many expected and the president, who i'm still voting for, missed some opportunities. >>> a rare and deadly form of meningitis has health officials across the country worried. the outbreak has sickened does understand and killed would people in maryland and virginia. the c dc says patients were infected after receiving steroid injections for back pain. the drug, made in massachusetts, has since been recalled. >>> montgomery country police are asking for the public's help to find the person who viciously beat a 72-year-old man. he is in critical condition. his two sons found him up conscious near a dumpster outside his apartment complex on garland avenue in silver spring tuesday morning. he had head out at 8:00 p.m. on monday to go shopping and never made it home. police think that robbery may have been the motive in this case. >>> in fairfax county, the search is on this morning for a teenager missing since monday morning. family, friends and community members joined p
. officers are now working on finding its owner. >>> goodness. >>> dan hellie down at the park where it is a lot of exciting things going on. >> reporter: good times. also talking wizards training camp. they open things up. tony romo looks like he needs to go back to training camp. and at the park they're celebrat series dreams. as news4 at 6:00 continues. >>> welcome back. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson here from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. it poured. and now from this evening through tomorrow morning, we're going to have fog to deal with. just about everywhere. we're seeing the visibility's drop right now. as far as showers go, this is what's left. down south of us, south of annapolis, around deal and through calvert beach, a few showers left. look at the fog out there. just continues to get thicker and denser under a mile now. we just dropped in montgomery county. gaithersburg under a mile. camp sprins down to a third of a mile. we've got hours to deal with. we'll start the morning mild in the mid to upper 60s. again, with fog probably not burning off until about 8:00 or
! >> this is a wbal tv-11 editorial with president and general manager dan joerres. >> it's time to lace up the running shoes and grab your bib number. in just a week, 27,000 runners from around the world will hit the streets of baltimore for the 12th annual baltimore running festival. since its inception in 2001, the race has blossomed to a full morning that features something for everyone ages 1 to 86. from avid runners who log 26.2 miles, to half marathoners, 5-k'ers and the kids fun run, it offers a challenging course and powers tourism in our town. the international field includes runners from 24 countries and every state in the u.s. last year's men champion will return to defend his title and take home the $25,000 prize. the race is expected to generate more than $30 million in economic impact to the city. and an additional million dollars for charity. wbal is proud to be the official television station of the festival and will provide live exclusive coverage. for more information and even to sign up to run in the festival, log on to
's apparel products. one of them is the beautiful tonya snyder, wife of redskins owner dan snyder. here she is in an ad. she joins us along with christina lopez, who was selected as the redskins' most stylish fan. check her out. here she is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having us. >> i think we all love those commercials that were on last year, with the women, you were in one of those, too, giving the men back the jerseys, because we don't want to wear a man's jersey and we want our own clothing, right? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> this year it's the it's my turn campaign, a new line put out by the nfl specifically for women. and you are kind enough to bring some products in with you today. >> yes. it's about giving women many choices to show their passion for the game, love for their specific team and it's about it's my team, so being definitely a passionate washington redskins fan, and giving me a way to show the love of the game through, from fashion bags to endless accessories, we have grown and it's so fun and exciting to having bead
obama lose his cool. >> reporter: zingers make debate history. '88 vice presidential when dan quail was comparing him to jack kennedy. >> senator, you're no jack kennedy. >> but here's the punch line of that. who won the election? bush and quayle. >> reporter: but staying cool under attack? >> there you go again. >> reporter: you get points. being too cool? >> if kitty dukakis were raped and murdered, would you favor an irrevocable death penalty for the killer? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: michael dukakis' numbers dropped after the unfeeling too cool answer. the undecided need reasons to decide. >> substance is more important but demeanor counts. >> people said what, he doesn't think this is important enough to stick around another ten minutes? >> reporter: al gore hurt by his impatient sighing. this year look for this. >> i have never seen as much lying as i have in this campaign. >> that was gary nurenberg reporting. 9 news now and "u.s.a. today" are teaming up for the debate tonight. starting at 9:00 "u.s.a. today" reporters will be fact checking what the candidates say. you can
down there. dan? >> reporter: yeah, guys. one of the principal owners of the washington nationals, a very happy family. not only are they going to the playoffs but as division champions. mark, i have to ask you what it was like during that game last night when it's finally a done deal and you hear that the division title is yours. >> the first eight innings, a done deal. we were not happy leaving all those guys on base. so that was pretty cool. did not expect to get back in that way but at 96 wins, you don't care how you get in. >> the only time you can really be happy after a loss. >> it was everything that i ever dreamed of. the whole celebration was triching. >> can you describe that feeling? i was in the locker room trying to watch the celebration. not part of it. you were very much part of it. probably trying not to get run over by some of those guys. >> yeah. but no doubt about it. i was going to get him and then i got him. then the rest of the guys got me with gator aid so i was totally stoke. >> i love gio's nickname for you. >> i've had two operations on my foot and start
and 27-year-old dan macheli a math teacher and senior adviser and nick martinelli. >> this doesn't define triton and the teachers that work here or the students that go here. >> prosecutors say each of the teachers engaged in inappropriate sexual relationships from november to june last year. >> indeed, we uncovered evidence of exchanges of sexually explicit text messages during instructional periods. and a trip to the shore invol d involveding the teachers and their victims, as well as other students. >> reporter: prosecutors say when a student brought that information to a substitute teacher, that teacher alerted the principal and the vice principal who covered it up with little investigation. >> failed to report them to the proper authorities and conducted a half-hearted and inadequate inquiry aimed primarily at protecting the teachers. >> you cannot trust, not even the school any more. you know, that's not right. >> reporter: we got no answer at the principal's home. nbc 10 tried repeatedly to speak with the teachers who turned themselves in thursday. >> i'm more upset about the cove
in with some zingers and try to make obama lose his cool. >> vice presidential when dan quail was comparing himself to kennedy. >> here's the punch line of that, who won the election? bush and quail. >> staying cool under attacks? >> here you go again. >> you get points. being too cool -- >> if kitty were raped and murdered, would you favor a death penalty for the killer? >> no, i don't, bernard. >> michael's numbers dropped immediately after the seemingly too cool answer. the undecided need reasons to decide. >> substance is more important, but demeanor counts. >> he checks his watch and he suffers from it. al gore hurt by his sighing. this year, look for this. >> i have never seen this much lying as i have in this campaign. >> gary is lining up all the possible mistakes that have been made over the years, but as he mentioned at the end, there's a big difference between a gasp and an outright lie. here we are committed to telling you the difference between the two tonight and to that end, we are here where they will be fact checking these. i'm standing next to paul singer, the p
morning's rush hour. his name is taco and as dan reports, the 5-foot-tall bird was looking for love in all the wrong places. >> reporter: taco is a 4-year-old emu, a 5-foot tall flightless australian bird out looking for a mate, according to his owner. taco isn't one to be particular. motorcycles seemed to draw his interest. imagine being this guy, pulled over on the way to work by a giant bird. maybe he'll wear his helmet from now on. >> it's odd. it's not something that we see every day. i think our guys did a really good job on trying to contain the bird. >> reporter: taco was interested in everything and everyone. and deputies at first had no idea what to do with him. they sort of tried to herd him off the road using patrol cars. not a chance. another motorcycle arrived. that, too, was a mistake. taco wanted a kiss. and high-stepping across the highway, he seemed as free as -- well, as a bird. >> it's a very large bird. at the time of the incident, folks are trying to get to work. we have school buses going around. so it became a traffic hazard. >> reporter: taco it turns out lives in
. >> lloyd benson and dan quayle, 2002008. >> jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy. (cheer (cheers) >> that was a fierce moment. >> that was a strong zinger and perhaps the most memorable moment from the vice-presidential debate and often, a vice-presidential debate is about assurance. can the second person on the ticket become president and step in if need be. you've got to remember in 1988 who was president? ronald reagan. lloyd benson had been in the senate 17 years, dan quayle, 7 years, that was about gravitas and the senior statesman versus the young new guy upstart. this time it's different because barack obama was in his 40's when he became president and even though joe biden is three decades older than paul ryan, that issue is muted a little bit. >> clayton: interestingly in 2008. then candidate biden, vice-presidential nominee at the time had a walk a delicate balance with sarah palin. he had to be respectful of her on the stage and strong a lot of people thought it was a tie at theened of the debate wherever you stand on it want matter, but here i
. >> all right. >> that's our producer dan with his championship hat. we do appreciate it. the other thing we appreciate, the video we showed earlier, in addition to the celebration on the locker room, the guys were on the field high fiving the fans which means a lot. >> they're great. they met with buddy check we profiled. they were so nice to him. that's why they're champions because they're good to the people in the community and we love them back. >> if they make it to the world series, i bet you teddy wins. >>> we've got rain this morning. it's going to slow down the commute. watch out for that. scattered showers, fewer this afternoon. 78. tomorrow isolated sour, 84. -- shower, 84. nice friday, changes over the weekend. >>> eastbound 66 obstacle at nutley street is repofd. look at the lineup that begins at manassas on 66 through centreville, fair oaks and getting into vienna. the drive on 95 and 395 still slow goes getting across the occoquan and now heading up past landmark towards shirlington. >> thanks, bev. >>> cbs this morning, they are talking presidential debate. >> anderson co
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] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >>> new developments tonight in that deadly meningitis outbreak. the cdc says the number of cases has reached 47 and spread to a seventh state. five people have died including one in maryland and another in virginia. we have the latest. >> reporter: federal health officials investigating a deadly outbreak of meningitis. this outbreak is associated with a steroid that potentially is contaminated with a fungus. >> this really comes from steroid injections. we're not talking about steroids you take by mouth. liquid steroids that were injected mostly for back pain. they came from a central facility in new england. >> reporter: the steroid from a massachusetts specialty pharmacy sent to more than 70 clinics in over 20 states including california, texas and new york. the company is what is known as a compounding pharmacy. >> the general shortage of medications out there, these compounding
africa embassy bombings which left 265 people dead. >> that was dan rivers reporting. now senior u.n. correspondent richard roth joining me. court hearings just ended. what is the latest? >> he was read his rights, the 11 terrorism charges he referred to. he was in court in an earlier proceeding a short time before the other two men appeared. those two men, it was a formal arraignment, they pled not guilty. for this fiery cleric who according to u.s. authorities whipped up terror at a london mosque for years, well, he'll have his arraignment on tuesday afternoon. in court, all three men in the separate appearances had prison jump jumpsuits. one of the men refused to stand to hear the charges and he sat, and our cnn producer in the court tells me that he did not -- was shaking his head in agreemen almost, proud of the charges against him. the courtroom full with a lot of press, a saturday in new york, it's not often terror suspects are whisked in these days to new york proper, but they will face charges here in new york. two other men who pled not guilty in connecticut, those charge
powerhouse. dan. yes? molÉ sauce. [ male announcer ] with ge's most advanced cooking technology, the cafÉ line takes food further. ♪ >>> a special milestone this weekend for cultural icons the beatles and james bond. they were both part of the british invasion and they share something else that are important as well. keir simmons from london. >> reporter: britain's biggest spy got spy billing at the olympics. and a former beatle closed the show. the beatles -- >> here they are, the baelts! >> reporter: and bond. turns out they've been together a long time. >> bond. james bond. >> bond. >> reporter: 007 was created by former spy ian fleming back in the '50s, but the hugely successful movie franchise got its start with the release of "dr. no" 50 years ago. >> a license to kill where he pleases, when he pleases. >> a lovely story, quite exotic locations, and some fun. >> reporter: a winning formula and a license to fill movie theaters for half a century. the latest bond, "skyfall" out next month. bond has changed with times. >> hi, i'm daniel craig and i'm hosting "snl" with muse. >> do yo
a huge australian bird started strutting its stuff in the street. as dan billow reports, it took several deputies and some luck to get the big bird off the road and out of danger. >> taco is a 4-year-old emu, a 5 foot tall flightless bird who was out looking for a mate according to his owner. nothing resembles a female emu, but he isn't one to be mror. motorcycles seemed to draw his interest. imagine being this guy pulled over by a giant bird. maybe he'll wear his helmet from now on. >> it's odd. it's not something that we see every day. i think our guys did a really good job on trying to contain the bird. >> taco wu interested in everything and everyone. deputies at first had no idea what to do with him. they tried to herd him off the road using patrol cars. not a chance. another motorcycle arrived. that, too, was a mistake. taco wanted a kiss. and high stepping across the highway, he seemed as free as, well, a bird. >> it's a very large bird. at the time of the incident folks were trying to get to work. we have school buses going around, so it became a traffic hazard. >> taco lives in
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the point that lloyd denson destroyed dan quayle. it didn't make any difference but he destroyed him. so i don't know but do you guys want to take a swing at that? >> i think there are two presidential debates after that one, so i think it will be more watched by folks like us in politics whereas i think the overall electorate and i'm not downplaying the importance of the vice presidential but charlie is right, it could have -- anything could make a difference. but it would be surprising to me. >> it's like in the olympics when they had the basketball games for the bronze medal. waiting for the gold medal game, this bronze medal game but do you know what? is the only debate next week. it's going to drive some of the coverage. it will either continue the sort of the momentum that romney had after last night or it will be seen as his vice president biden does well it will be seen as this is the first step towards the obama-biden team getting its footing back. i think it's important. i think in the media world we live in now where everything is analyzed, instantaneously, even before it happen
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